Tuition Assistance


Section 1: Background and Goals of the Program

The Driscoll School Extended Day Program (DEDP) recognizes that tuition may be a barrier to enrollment. DEDP endeavors to provide financial assistance to families with demonstrated financial need, and will do so to the degree that funds are available for tuition reduction.

Section 2: Confidentiality

DEDP has a Tuition Reduction Committee of no more than three (3) Board members that confidentially reviews information submitted in the Tuition Reduction Application. No member of the DEDP Tuition Reduction Committee, the DEDP Board or any of the DEDP staff know the identity of any applicants for, or recipients of, tuition reduction. All application information and supporting documentation is kept strictly confidential.

Section 3: Period of Award

Tuition Reduction is awarded for a single academic year or partial academic year, based upon demonstrated need. Tuition Reduction is not granted retroactively. Receipt of any award for any period does not, and should not, be construed by the recipient as an expectation of future eligibility, even if family income circumstances experience little or no significant change in future years.

Section 4: Deadlines and Timelines

In order for the Tuition Reduction to run concurrent with the child’s participation in the program, application for Tuition Reduction should be made at the same time you apply for enrollment in the program. If financial circumstances change at any time during the school year, application for a scholarship for the remainder of the school year may be made.

The Tuition Reduction Committee reviews completed applications promptly (see below for details on Information that must accompany an application in order to be considered), and is committed to making and communicating decisions on applications within thirty (30) days of receipt of a full and completed application. You must return all requested accompanying documentation within two (2) weeks of submitting your application in order for your application to be considered.

Section 5: Tuition Reduction Application and Supporting Documentation

Applicants for DEDP Tuition Reduction are required to complete the SMART TuitionAid Application and provide supporting documents including, but not limited to:

1 pay stub for each working household member

Most recent Federal tax return


Documentation for public assistance, grant money, alimony or child support receipts or other documents that verify the expenditures you listed. And any other information that you feel would assist in the determination of your application.

Section 6: Tuition Payments

Applicants are required to pay 50% of tuition as stated in the enrollment contract until the scholarship committee makes an award decision. If the completed tuition application is not returned in the requested two-week timeframe, the unpaid tuition balance becomes due.

Section 7: Scholarship Awards

Scholarships are awarded based upon demonstrated financial need and available program funds. Due to limited financial resources in our program, we regret that not all identified tuition needs can be met. Applicants are notified in writing of the Tuition Reduction Committee’s decision.

Section 8: Tuition Reduction Fund Limitations

DEDP’s Tuition Reduction Fund is of modest size. In order to best serve the needs of our school community, we ask that if your financial circumstances improve during the school year that you notify us in a timely manner. Award recipients may be contacted mid year to reaffirm their need.