Supplemental Care

 The Driscoll Extended Day Program offers an additional service to all of our enrolled families. We will allow families to add an occasional supplemental day to their child/children's schedule, provided there is space in the classroom on the day that you are requesting.  For example, due to present enrollment in K-2, space may not be available.



In order to provide this service to all families in a fair and efficient manner, we ask that you follow these guidelines:



      Days may be requested up to one month ahead of time (but not before), and preferably with one week advance notice. Please do not make a request for care the day before you need it, except in the case of a true emergency.



      If you are requesting a day you must speak directly with Abbie Fennell and receive a confirmation from her. Do not send your child to DEDP unless you have received a confirmation from the director as we will not be prepared to accommodate them.



     The DEDP Director reserves the right to accept or deny requests for supplementalcare based on the classroom staffing and the enrollment on the requested day. As always, our priority is to maintain safe, high quality programming in every DEDP classroom and we will not allow this service to compromise our programming in any way.



     The cost of this supplemental care will be  $ 40 per child, per day (grades K-5)

                                                               $20 each additional sibling

                                                               $20 per child if you receive financial aid


     Payment will be billed through Smart Tuition.  



    For more information or to sign you child up for supplemental care, contact the DEDP office at or 617-879-4520..