The Buzzz at DEDP

This week at DEDP there has been a lot of excitement around a new community service project called Free Rice. is a website produced by World Hunger Programme, the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.  Extended Day children in grades 3-5 from 5-5:45pm will be able to go on the wbesite and answer vocabulary questions and earn rice that is distributed by the World Hunger Programme.  The students have been tracking their donated rice each day on a bulletin board across from the DEDP kitchen.  This project has been a wonderful way of combining community service, teamwork, and learning.  Children have been eager to practice vocabulary while helping (albeit in a small way) to feed the hungry.


If your child has an interest in participating at home, they can log into DEDP's account on  Our login username is DEDP and the password is freerice.


Like in the children's book "One Grain of Rice" by Demi, a single grain of rice may not seem like much, initially.  However, our plan is to watch the first grain multiply while the DEDP children learn the value of growing their hearts and minds.  Thanks for helping donate rice to people in need!