Brookline Food Celebration Day!

Food Day Celebration in Brookline


Wednesday, October 24, 2012 -   Highlights



Secrets of the Vegetable Mom.  Wednesday, October 24, 2012. One-hour talk 4pm, repeated at 7pm, Hunneman Hall, Brookline Main Library, 361Washington Street, Brookline Village.   Learn easy ways to crowd nutrient rich foods into your kids’ meals as well as how to avoid common food traps.  Presented by Sue Levy, Brookline parent, health coach and owner of Savory Living.  (Flyer attached.)


Free cider tasting from Noon to 3pm at Town Hall.  Brookline’s Allandale Farm will sell apples and cider.  Climate Action Brookline (CAB) will demonstrate how what you eat affects your carbon food print. Copies of the “Healthy Eating Plate,” a clear, easy-to-follow visual food guide created by the Harvard School of Public Health, will be available.  


Ten Ways to Celebrate Food Day in Brookline.   No. 10:  Shop at the final Brookline Farmers’ Market, Thursday, October 25, and purchase root vegetables which can be donated to the Brookline Food Pantry. (Flyer attached.)


The Brookline schools’ Food Services Department will honor the day by serving vegetarian chili at the public schools. Children visiting the Brookline Main Library after school on Wednesday, October 24th, can participate in special art activities and will be able to choose from an array of food-related books chosen by the librarians.


Food Day, a project of the Center for the Science in the Public Interest,  has five priorities:  Promote safer, healthier diets; support sustainable and organic farms; reduce hunger; reform factory farms to protect the environment and animals; support fair working conditions for food and farm workers.  This is the second year Food Day has been celebrated nationally.  Contact:  Lynne Karsten, Director of Community Health, 617-730-2336,



Lynne Karsten

Director of Community Health

Brookline Department of Public Health

11 Pierce Street

Brookline, MA 02445