A Note from the Director


Dear families,
         It's hard to believe that December is here.  We have watched the leaves change color on the playground and experienced warm days but know cooler days are ahead.   There has been much joy here at DEDP.  We have seen children excited about projects, learning new games in the gym, and always in awe when seeing children participate in club.  Even on days when I have work to do in my office the sounds of children in free play reminds me that DEDP is a special place.
         All families received a note in November from a DEDP staff person regarding their child's experience.  We appreciate all the emails in response to these notes.   We will be offering conferences in December and January if you have an interest in meeting with a DEDP teacher.  These brief conferences are held between 5-6 p.m.  If interested please sign up on the clipboard on the greeter table.        
         We appreciate your excellent communication with DEDP.  We prefer email but don't always have the opportunity to check email from 2-6 p.m. so please call us if you need to reach us immediately.  We ask that when you use email that you don't respond to email that we send or if you prefer you can change the subject line.  When families respond to email we send, the message often gets lost in the gmail format which can be challenging for us to retrieve.  We appreciate your assistance in making sure we receive all emails.
         Carlie Espinso, our NU co-op student, will be finishing up her time with us at the end of December as she will be taking classes next semester.   Carlie will be subbing for us  on Mondays and Wednesday during the winter and spring.   Please share this information with your child as it's difficult to make sure that all children are aware of this transition.    Kristin (Kris) Cook will be joining us in January and continuing through June as our Northeastern Co-op student.   Kristin has a variety of experience working with school age children and has a strong interest in teaching Spanish.  We look forward to her joining DEDP.
          We go outside each day at DEDP even when days get cooler.  Often the afternoons are cooler  and we seem to be experiencing a rollercoaster of temperatures this fall.  Please make sure your child comes prepared for outdoor play.  We do have extra clothing such as hats, gloves, and jackets etc...    If you have any items that your child has outgrown we are always looking for a few items to have on hand.
           The Thanksgiving break reminded me that we have a lot to be thankful for.  We at DEDP have such wonderful children and families and an amazing staff.
                                       With warm regards,  Abbie